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Podcast: What are the Best Alternatives to Google Analytics?


See you on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 for the next live session of the Majestic (SEO) podcast dedicated to alternative analytics solutions to Google Analytics! With the regulatory changes related to the GDPR, and many organizations hesitating to switch to the next Google GA4 solution, this is a hot topic (yes, there is also Chat-GPT…). If the whole digital universe is impacted, in terms of SEO, the switch to other software than Google Analytics Universal also shakes up the habits of specialists in the field.

With David Bain, long-time host of the Majestic podcast, as Master of Ceremonies, I will have the honor of sharing the microphone with several international speakers, both users of alternative solutions and representatives of these software. I will be talking about the use of Matomo Analytics, especially in the context of SEO optimization.

List of participants

  • Chloe Christine from CC Digital (consultante freelance – UK)
  • Amanda White from Amanda White Digital (consultante freelance – UK)
  • Petr Janošík, founder and CEO of Smartlook, an analytics solution from Czech Republic
  • Piotr Korzeniowski, COO of Piwik PRO, an analytics solution derived on former Piwik, and based in Poland
  • Jean-Marc Courtiade, your devoted servant and Matomo & SEO specialist  (freelance consultant – France)


  • Start time: 6 pm (Paris time CET)
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Language: English

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Majestic is a proven SEO solution for monitoring the netlinking of websites. Based in the United Kingdom, it is the inventor of certain historical concepts that have become a reference in the field.

Find more information about this event on the official Majestic Blog.


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