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About Jean-Marc Courtiade

Jean-Marc Courtiade is originally from the southwest of France, in the Toulouse region. Having grown up watching airplanes fly over his head, he could have gone into aeronautics quite naturally. However, he chose a different path. Doing things by oneself was in his family’s DNA, giving him the certainty that he could do the same, which is the common thread of his career. Later, his taste for martial arts, especially traditional karate, reinforced his idea of evolving independently.

Year 2000. With a degree in Accounting and Management in his hand, Jean-Marc embarks on the meanders of the Web and creates his first websites as a self-taught person. He was 20 years old, had five years of experience in computing, and the Internet bubble had not yet burst. He then started in referencing in directories, Google being only at its beginnings. SEOs will appreciate this period.

At the same time, Jean-Marc started his “professional career” as an accounting officer, a position that convinced him to pursue a completely different path. During the five years of studies in international trade and marketing that followed, he continued to learn about the web, discovered Gnu/Linux and made his mark in communication agencies.

In 2006, he decided to move to Ireland to improve his English, gain more experience and explore the country. He joined Sykes, an American firm that subcontracts for large high-tech companies, where he worked for Sony Vaio-Link as a technical consultant and then as a French-speaking team leader. During two years, he learned: American style management, process optimization, team spirit and entrepreneurship. With the French team, he developed several tools and improved the methods significantly, winning the Tech City Award for the French market two years in a row.

In 2008, Ireland was hit hard by the subprime crisis. Jean-Marc chooses to return to France. During the next two years, he used his knowledge in management, IT and web in the growth of an important association in Toulouse. On the web front, he contributed to the launch of two of the organization’s websites for which he optimized the SEO. The need to broaden his horizons internationally is felt again, leading him near Geneva.

In 2011, Jean-Marc starts his experience in Switzerland, coordinating IT projects for large groups (Visilab, Nissan/Infiniti, CHUV), a position he will hold for three years. It is the meeting with Ronan Chardonneau, web analytics expert and free software enthusiast like him, that persuades him to take the step of mixing his knowledge in IT and web.

2014. Jean-Marc began his journey in web marketing with Piwik and Google Analytics, a subject that was all the more burning as the world was in the midst of the Snowden affair. A question nagged at him: “Why do companies and agencies continue to use Google tools when we know what is done with user data?”, question that he continued to ask himself for seven years during which he increased his skills on Google’s analytics tools, while maintaining sites on Piwik (which became Matomo by the way). A jack-of-all-trades, his experiences in web agencies in particular, led him to explore several fields, from SEM to social ads and copywriting. Opportunities that lead him to develop serious skills in SEO, especially thanks to the work of a renowned consultant (Aurélien Berrut).

The result: a book Audit SEO – Toutes les clés pour optimiser votre site web (SEO Audit – All the keys to optimize your website) which will be published in March 2021 by Editions ENI. With these experiences, he chooses to devote himself to the implementation of his knowledge in digital marketing to the service of companies as an independent consultant. He also intervenes as a trainer in several schools (IAE Angers / ESM Geneva) to transmit his knowledge in marketing as well as on free software.

Jean-Marc’s ambition is to help organizations improve their marketing performance by using free and open source software, Matomo in the first place.