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Finding the right Matomo Analytics consultant to work with can seem daunting, but it can make all the difference. As a Matomo Analytics (formerly PIWIK) specialist for several years, I can help you with all the steps to launch a successful web analytics project with Matomo: strategic thinking, technical implementation of this platform, GDPR compliance, web analytics and performance optimizations, not to mention the training of your teams. A whole program!

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Matomo Training

You would like to improve your skills on Matomo Analytics or to support your technical and marketing teams? A training is essential to acquire the necessary knowledge in the optimal use of this software.

I accompany you as an experienced Matomo Analytics trainer to help you to apprehend at best this tool of audience analysis. The goal: to allow your company to be autonomous as soon as possible on Matomo and to reach your objectives, or those of your customers if you intervene within a web agency.

These courses can be delivered both remotely and in person. They can be addressed to groups or be realized on an individual basis.

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Get a Matomo Analytics Consultant

Matomo Analytics is an open source web analytics platform that allows you to measure and track your online performance. I will help you understand the capabilities of this tool and how to get the most out of it using a four-step approach: definition of a tracking strategy, technical implementation, web analysis and conversion optimization.

All of these steps include data collection, KPI definition, tagging plan implementation, attribution, visitor path and tunnel analysis, performance monitoring, conversion rate and ROI optimization, A/B testing, E-Marketing mix and conversion tunnel and UX optimization.

Jean-Marc Courtiade helps your organisation uncover information from your websites or apps to conduct an efficient data-driven marketing strategy, with Matomo, of course.

Matomo Technical Support & Coaching

The use of Matomo Analytics can require the implementation of specific knowledge to deal with unexpected situations. All this takes time, which you may not have. As a Matomo technical specialist, I can help you solve problems related to the installation, setup and configuration of Matomo and its plugins. Solutions cover a wide range of issues from GDPR compliance, to SEO and Google Ads optimization. Together, we work to solve problems by examining the relevant elements and unblocking complex situations

Your Matomo Analytics Partner

  • Matomo/Piwik user since 2014
  • International web analytics and SEO consultant
  • Author and teacher
  • Free and Open Source Software Enthusiast
Jean-Marc Courtiade - Formateur Matomo Analytics

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