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Training - Matomo Analytics : discover Matomo and improve your website

Get your hands on Matomo Analytics to better track your digital marketing activities

With the Matomo Discovery course, get to grips with this renowned open source web analytics platform. The goal: to allow you to track and measure your online actions.

Knowing which version of Matomo to choose, how to integrate the tracking code on your website or intranet, understanding its interface to extract the relevant data for your business… These are all elements to discover to improve your website and make the most of Matomo Analytics. This training also covers advanced features such as the tag manager and prepares you for the implementation of more advanced tracking.

Training modalities

Who is this training for?

Target audiences


Training program

1. Introduction to Matomo Analytics and its main features

  • Historical and legal issues
  • Setting up Matomo on a website
  • Basic configuration and customization of settings
  • GDPR compliance
  • Administration tools

2. Getting started with Matomo Analytics

  • Discovery of the Matomo interface
  • Tracking visits and user behavior on the site
  • Analysis of the site and page performance
  • Comparison of Matomo and Google Analytics

3. Reports and dashboards

  • Using reports and dashboards to track business goals
  • Essential reports: visitor, behavior, acquisition and conversion reports
  • Additional features: custom reports, Google Ads
  • Dashboards and data visualization with Matomo (including Google Looker Studio / Google Data Studio)

4. Advanced configuration and use of advanced features

  • Use of segments
  • Managing marketing campaigns
  • Discovering the tag manager
  • Custom dimensions
  • Using the Matomo API to integrate tracking data with other tools and systems
  • Matomo Cloud features: conversion tunnels, e-commerce, heatmaps, session recording

5. Tips and tricks to get the most out of Matomo Analytics

  • Use of automated reports
  • Customized alerts
  • Importing data from Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console connection
  • Additional plugins (Matomo On-Premise)

Training objectives

  • Leverage Matomo Analytics to improve the performance of your website
  • Consider moving to more advanced modules in a safe way

Evaluation of training

  • Evaluation of acquired skills via an online questionnaire with situational exercises

Pedagogical means

Prior to the trainingAvant la formation

In training

At the end of the training

Advantages of this training

  • Acquisition of the essential knowledge for a fast handling of Matomo Analytics
  • Real-life situations to train yourself
  • A Matomo Analytics expert will take care of your specific technical points
  • Possibility to benefit from a Qualiopi certified training

Your instructor

  • Matomo/Piwik user since 2014
  • International web analytics and SEO consultant
  • Author and teacher
  • Free and Open Source Software Specialist
Jean-Marc Courtiade - Formateur Matomo Analytics

Frequently asked questions

"I'm already an expert on Google Analytics, I need to get up to speed on Matomo as soon as possible. Is it possible?"

No problem, we can consider a training session on one day to make you discover the functionalities of Matomo:

  • Installation and configuration
  • The different reports and dashboards
  • Matomo Tag Manager and differences with Google Tag Manager
  • Configuration of the plugins
  • And always, a Matomo Analytics expert will take care of your most urgent questions

"Are you tackling the more advanced features such as Matomo custom reports, funnels, multi-attribution or e-commerce?"

Absolutely, depending on your Matomo configuration and your needs, we will deal with these points in a practical way in order to answer your questions and real situations.

"We're looking to connect Matomo with Google Search Console or Google Ads, like we did with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Are these points covered in the training?

These elements and others (Matomo, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools) are obviously discussed during the training, their integration with Matomo being specific and essential.

"Why choose your training? I admit that I hesitate..."

The goal of this Matomo Discovery training is to make you autonomous in the use of Matomo Analytics as soon as possible. Whether you have marketing/communication or web development skills. We cover the key points of Matomo from a theoretical and practical point of view, creating bridges between Matomo and Google Analytics Universal Analytics or GA4 if you already have some knowledge of these tools. We carry out a preliminary interview and a pre-assessment questionnaire before the training to make sure of your level. Above all, we deal with your concrete problems and try to solve them during the training (which is more like consulting + training). Finally, the learners are evaluated at the end of the period and we review together the necessary elements. More advanced points (Matomo Tag Manager for example) are also addressed to allow you to go further in the future.

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